Heyli has 22nd birthday.
This is a little long story about creation and connection between peoples.



Establish Store

Since 1998 Tianli Factory was founder by Mr Zhang GongBai in Panan city that used to produce Rose Shorts and Party Accessories. At that time the massive layoffs of Chinese stat-owned enterprises,and Mr Zhang Gongbai is one of this layoffs.



Opportunities in development

More and more items to be developed by Heyli during 1998-2004 as Chinese private enterprises can independently carry out international trade policies. And at 2004 ,We have ourself first factory located in Panan with about 3000 Squre Meter.Our new company named Panan Heyli Art&Craft Co.,Ltd.



B2B e-commerce Development

With the rise of e-commerce in China. 2008,Our GM Mr. Zhang Qi begin to set up the international trade Dept. and develop the international business by ourself . Moreover, we become a member of Alibaba on-line supplier。



Harvest Social Honor

Since the beginning of Heyli established,we are keeping to integrity management ,stable development, serving the society.then win the social honor by local government many times during 2004-2012.



People-to-people links create value

We have a core service team with sufficient experience in the filed.For better service our customers, Heyli company settled in CBD with 500 M2 office in 2016 that optimize and improve service efficiency.



Face the challenge and keep your heart

Maintain internal certainty in an uncertain external environment. Continuously increase supply chain management input, plant upgrade input, to improve quality control and delivery management.
Continue to move forward with all of our customers in future...